Benji Greeson, Southern Fried Morning Show
Monday-Friday, 6 AM – 10 AM

Benji Greeson
Benji Greeson – CEO Greeson Media Group, LLC, host of The Southern Fried Morning Show, Abbeville Panthers Sports broadcaster & CEO of the Greeson Media Group.   Benji caught the “radio bug” while interning at WABV back in his high school days. After various jobs from real estate to the railroad, he found his way back on the airwaves in 2013 with the creation of The Southern Fried Morning Show. Benji has also hosted festivals, emceed concerts, TV talk shows, and lent his voice to many sports broadcasts. You’ll normally find him behind a mic, or on a stage somewhere entertaining crowds both near and far. Benji is married to his lovely wife Tara, and they have two daughters Maci and Campbell.

Lacey Yates, Southern Fried Morning Show
Monday-Friday, 6 AM – 10 AM

Lacey Yates
Lacey Yates – CFO Greeson Media Group. LLC, Co-host of The Southern Fried Morning Show From corporate banking, to radio host, Lacey is the perfect comedic relief and sarcasm queen on The Southern Fried Morning Show. Her contagious laugh and quick wit keeps her audience on their toes. When not behind the mic, Lacey is a numbers guru. She is the Chief Financial Officer for GMG, LLC and also the Director of Programming at WZLA. Her heart melts for animals, as noted often on the air. CrookedNeck, Millie, Batty, Lola and Squirt are just a few of her furry family members. The others are almost as cute, such as her significant other Bobby, daughter’s Laylan, Sarah and son Tyler.

Buddy Crittendon, Country Fun with Buddy
Monday-Friday, 3 PM – 7 PM

Mike Elis, Mike On The Mic
Wednesdays, 11 AM – 1 PM

Mike Elis
Mike Elis, originally from Los Angeles, is no stranger to entertainment. He owns Artisan Entertainment, a booking/promoting business. He has brought comedy and musical acts to the upstate of SC, and the Asheville area of NC for many years. Mike is also a stand-up comedian, having performed with some of the best comics in the industry. Mike also has a syndicated newspaper column “A slice of Mike”. The Mike on the Mic Show, hosted with Heather Harbin, is a popular comedy/call-in show on WZLA. His show includes popular segments like Love Advice, Stupid Criminal News, and Waggy Tail Wednesday which helps support the Abbeville County Animal Shelter.. Tune in to Mike on the Mic every other Wednesday from 11am-2pm. Mike lives in Asheville, North Carolina and spends much of his time reading and writing

“The Silver Fox” Mike Smith, Country Shindig
Saturdays, 1 PM – 4 PM

“The Silver Fox” Mike Smith
“The Silver Fox” Mike Smith embodies classic country music. That’s because he lived it for a great deal of his life. A lifelong, real life troubadour, Mike has toured the country with some of the biggest names in country music history. His personal connections with the stars of country music (the pic is Mike and Conway Twitty’s son) make for incredible stories, behind the scenes perspectives, all the while connecting with his audience on a personal level. All of that, plus his velvet smooth baritone voice makes The Silver Fox’s Country Shin Dig one of the most popular shows on WZLA. Mike and his wife Brenda also currently own and operate The Mayberry Diner in Cross Hill, SC.

Al Bell, Lakelands Praise
Sunday Mornings

Joy Bell, Lakelands Praise
Sunday Mornings