I have observed all pictures posted on certain media on the internet and print of the Busch brothers, Kyle and Kurt, are the worse possible , very unflattering. Now Kyle is uphappy because the press doesn’t talk to him after a good finish in the race. Is something going on here. I think so. After all, how many times have the Bushes snubbed the press and cursed them. Poor Busches, they don’t feel the love anymore!


If you watched the final IndyCar race of the year, you saw one of the best. 500 miles of drama with the championship not decided until the last lap. Congrats to Ryan Hunter-Reay , a Floridian, for his tremendous ‘come from behind” win.
From IndyCar to NASCAR, the championship chase just got underway with Keselowski leading the chase after of 1 of 10 races. I like all kinds of racing, but its strange the IndyCar season is over when NASCAR gets into their chase. The Chase is on and I hope its exciting, but IndyCar is over much too early.
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The other girl

Danica gets all the press, you know you are popular when they know you by your first name. Here is another name to note: Johanna Long. She is currently driving trucks and plans to move up to Nationwide soon. She is also a good broadcaster and will be on the ESPN Saturday broadcast.
Most importantly,this 20 year old is a serious racer raised in a racing family. Maybe one day, when we say Johanna…know one will ask WHO.
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The Chase Starts

The Chase for the NASCAR championship begins this week in Chicago. Jeff Gordon got the final wild card  by one position on the track and Kyle Busch the loser was a sore loser as usual refusing to talk with the press. Hey Kyle, if you dish it out, you gotta be able to take it. Hear all the races on Z93  92.9..

Even though the final IndyCar race will not be on Z93, it is Saturday night on a 2 mile oval  and WILL BE the best race of the weekend. Will Power and Ryan Hunter-Reay battle for the championship.

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